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laid a paper before him saying; “A candidate for the Myonessae, on the incoming ship from Dossola. Orders of the dunnier.” 335 “Ah, ah.?/p>


?The protostylarion was no taller than she herself as he came fussing importantly around the desk to move a chair two fingerlengths for her con


venience, then diddled back to his place. The paper made him frown. “Ah, ah, suspicion of the Art. This does not happen often these days, but y

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— MIKE DOE sians in her own
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ou are very fortunate to be here, demoiselle, instead of in Dossola. Ah—you have read the First Book of our great


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ophet? Answer me now, the misfortune of the loss of patrimony, why do you think that came upon him?” (Not quit

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he meant the character in the book, or the Prophet’s own ejection from the heirship of Dossola), Lalette said he

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